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Documentation and quotation for marine engines in 5 minutes!

Documentation and quotation for marine engines in 5 minutes!

Marin PRO, an online configurator for 70 – 2000 kWe marine auxiliary engines and gensets, allows to instantly download a complete technical documentation package and to request a quotation in only 5 minutes.

“Until recently it has taken our customers a lot of time and resources to collect all information on auxiliary engines or gensets when needed”, says Richard Johansson, Sales Manager at Power House AB, a Sweden-based provider of marine and industrial power solutions. No matter if it is a shipyard, in the middle of a new-build project, or a naval architect, just looking for a 3D model for a design suggestion: From the original need for a certain kW, to specifying the inquiry, contacting various suppliers and waiting for replies, to finally compiling all data and drawings it often took multiple weeks.

“We saw the urgent need to change this. Customers shouldn’t have to spend weeks chasing after a single manual or drawing, or even a price indication!”, determines Johansson. That is why Power House investigated how to speed up the process drastically.

As a result, Marin PRO was developed and was showcased in September 2016 at SMM Hamburg. The online configurator allows ship owners, ship yards, design offices or OEMs to assemble their individual 70 – 2000 kWe marine auxiliary engine or genset. Furthermore, a complete technical documentation package including 3D models, technical drawings and user manuals within minutes! In addition, a quotation can be requested on the spot, which customers receive from their selected dealer within a business day.

The customer feedback has been unanimously positive: “While saving our customers a lot of time, money and nerves, Marin PRO allows us to provide outstanding support at an unmatched speed”, concludes Anders Bernhardsson, CEO of Power House. “We stand for a transparent and uncomplicated way of doing business. Marin PRO, as a first touchpoint for customers, demonstrates exactly that.”

Marin PRO can be accessed here and associated dealers’ homepages. It’s completely free, easy-to-use and open to everyone. For more information have a look at the video or folder; detailed product data can be found in this product guide.

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